Why Look at Travel Assistance Services?

Travel Assistance Services (TA Services) programs are customized and private labeled for any business or organization. The phones are answered using the slogan your marketing gurus decide is best to remind everyone you are providing the important TA Services. There will be a dedicated 800 number. I understand the importance of not only maximizing sales, but enhancing customer loyalty to create products and choose vendors that treat everyone with tender loving care. I have a unique relationship with a well established underwriter to create the best fit for your company to determine the right supplier.
You are probably familiar with Travel Medicine, and Travel Insurance. Travel Assistance Services is an important category for you to consider in your business plan. During the recent Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the United States, people who were traveling who were carrying an ID card for Travel Assistance Services were able to make one call to the TA Services’ Emergency Response Center to get help rebooking flights, getting hotel reservations, getting messages to loved ones, and finding medical help if they needed it, among other things.


You can be certain no one who used the TA Services will ever forget the name of the company or organization that gave them the Travel Assistance Services as part of their customer appreciation initiative.