What We Need To Get This Started

The information required to price this is really simple:

  1.  Number of customers, organization members, and/or policyholders your company has.
  2. Your corporate information including name of company, address, contact person, and phone number.
  3. If pertinent, different categories of people, some information about each category, and number of people in each category.

This is NOT insurance, but rather services. So there is no actuarial liability and no claims. Department of Insurance approval should not be required. Your legal department will probably want to review this. I will work with my underwriters to price the Travel Assistance Services for you.  We’ll be with you step-by-step to help you get this ready for everyone.  We are customer oriented, and well versed in how to make this simple for you to include in your business plan.

The financial return and appreciation from everyone will be proven in the retention, and new customers and/or members your company and/or organization gets.


So let’s get started shall we? Simply fill in the appropriate information in the form below and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible to set up a consultation:

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