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  1. Stories on your Facebook page and chances to show a “like”.
  2. You Tube photos of first hand stories extolling the great help, and quick response.
  3. Twitter tales about when bad things are made good by reaching the Call Center at the Travel Assistance Services Company.
  4. High praise on your message board, Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.
  5. Current customers learning about other customers’ positive attitude about your company.
Travel Assistance Services are Important to Every Age Group

These experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Although their main job is to solve difficult problems, the Call Center can help with concierge types of services, too.

It can also help arrange an airlift when there is political disruption or terrorism. Every age group finds it easy to make a phone call to the Call Center. You’ll be happy to know the TA Services can be given to everyone throughout the world.

These problems, among others, outlined below are easily solved by calling the Emergency Response Center.

Americans rarely ask themselves important questions when they travel such as:

  1. Who would pay for a medical evacuation home if I needed one when I am away? TA Services pay for all evacuations. What if the evacuation cost $150,000 or even $30,000?  (The TA Services are available when people are 100 miles from home or in another country regardless of distance).
  2. What would happen if I got sick or injured when traveling and couldn’t take care of my young family? Payment for babysitters is included in the TA Services.
  3. What if I forgot my prescriptions, or ran out of them?
  4. What if my personal belongings – credit cards, identification, cash, etc. – were lost or stolen and I needed new cards, a passport, or other help?
  5. How would I find the best doctor, hospital, lawyer or dentist away from home? And,  one that spoke English, had the best local capabilities, and sanitary conditions?
  6. What if I am sick for a week or more and want to have a loved one be with me?
  7. What if I was arrested or detained?
  8. What if a horrible storm or other situation happened and all of my plans had to be changed while I was traveling?

Things to Think About in These Tough Economic Times

Everyone will be eternally grateful to you for providing these services because individually, they can cost annually on a per person basis in the $200 range. If you have 500,000 customers, the cost can be under $ .25 per family per year. YES!! You read that correctly.

People mistakenly think their credit cards pay for the services; In fact, only about one or two do, and they are the very high end cards with very expensive annual fees.

The normal credit cards ONLY arrange the services and then, guess what? Everyone has not only the unexpected cost for the services,but also the worry about how they are going to pay for them. Providing the services to everyone means no one has to worry at the very time they need help. Plus, since these are services, no one has to worry about any involvement in claims issues because no one has to fill out a claim form: everything is arranged and paid for by the TA Services Company. There is no insurance liability, because these truly are services.

Travelers are in a vulnerable position when they are away from home. Especially today when world events change rapidly, their budgets are tight, the weather is constantly changing and causing people to be stranded by natural disasters, adventure travel is common, people are injured when they least expect it, and when diseases spread rapidly, they can infect people.

Why Get A Quote For Travel Assistance Services?

Having Travel Assistance Services means that everyone gets assistance everywhere in the world. One call to the TA Services Emergency Response Call Center provides them with all of the information and services they need before, during, and after problems develop.

The cost to give them these services is very low when a group gets them. The value is immeasurable. Everyone will be very grateful that you thought ahead, and gave them financial security, too, so they don’t have to pay for expensive medical evacuations, or getting their auto home if they can’t drive home.

A complete list of services is available when you ask for a quote to price the TA Services.